Falling in Love Again

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📌 Sep 17, 24, 25
📌 Nov 12, 19, 20

  • All sessions are F2F

  • Conducted over 3 days (Sat) & (Sat-Sun)

  • (9AM-6PM, 1-9PM, 9AM-6PM respectively)

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CHOICE is a program for single adults, ages 18 to 40 *, Christians and non-Christians.

We seek to walk with young adults to choose wisely at life’s crossroads, in their yearning to love well, in their relationship with God, to make a difference to others, and to know that even in our human frailty, our Father knows we are good, we are enough.

In a post-Covid world, with changing lifestyles of singles, instead of a stay-in weekend, the program has been adjusted

  • Face-to-Face sessions Conduct over 2 weeks

  • Discover your authentic Identity (To Know)

  • Recognize you are (be)Loved (To Love)

  • Realize purpose of Relationships (To Serve) as a vocation, regardless of married life, religious or singlehood

^ As talks are built on the previous ones, we recommend registering for a slot where you can truly be present

SEP 2022 F2F Sessions
@San Damiano (St Mary's)

5 Bukit Batok East Ave 2,
San Damiano Franciscan Centre, Singapore 659918

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"you always have a choice to think, speak, and act in the name of God and so move toward the Light"

  • How have you experienced hearing God’s voice
    What was it about, How did you react to it?

  • What are some of the negative voices you hear,
    around friends, family, colleagues, in your head?

  • For John, only Christ’s message mattered,
    not the world’s standards.
    What are your priorities for the year?
    Are there people, places, or things, you are more
    concerned about than our relationship with Him?